The Association for the Welfare of People with Mental Handicap was founded in Jul 1990 by the parents and friends of the person with mental handicap.

The association’s basic objectives are:

  • The provision of day care, rehabilitation and education facilities to persons with mental and physical handicaps who are not accepted by any other institutions.
  • The provision of help for integrating these persons into the general society at large.
  • Ensuring that these persons enjoy a healthy and respectable life and have the opportunities of self development.
  • Promoting the physical, spiritual and mental health of these persons and ensuring the prevention of mental handicap.
  • The provision of economic and other support for meeting health expenses of the persons with mental handicap.
  • The provision of advance, guidance and moral support to the parents and relatives of these persons.
  • The promotion of contacts among parents and other interested persons with a view to help people with a mental handicap.
  • The provision of information and activation of groups in the population, the municipal and governmental authorities and the public at large but especially the youth, on the subject of mental handicap.
  • The cooperation and exchange of experiences and information with other relevant institutions,associations and agencies.





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